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5 Ways to Update Your Kitchen with Ease

We spend a considerable amount of time in our kitchens on a daily basis. The space is therefore quite important and needs some sprucing up. Updating a kitchen is a big investment but they are several ways you can adapt on a tight budget without having to break a sweat. For instance, when organizing your color, you can have the floors, backsplash, and countertops blend with painted kitchen cabinets with a well-thought-out color scheme. There are other well-crafted cabinets, but they may not be budget-friendly compared to the aforementioned. 

Styling existing shelves

You can choose to style your kitchen in numerous ways. When on a budget you can opt to add flowers, rustic ports or even structure painted kitchen cabinets without a dime. Painting is one of the finest ways of styling shelves and cabinets to bring out a beautiful blend of colors. An update can also incorporate the use of accessories such as colored bottles, bowls, and plants. 

Changing your backsplash

If you are a lover of refreshing kitchens, then you have to consider updating your backsplash to add a touch of glam. If you are having fairly neutral-painted kitchen cabinets, then you may consider having patterned tiles to create a unique flare that complements the cabinets. 

Install a fancy faucet

How would you feel when your kitchen faucets are remodeled to look modern and fancy? With this being the most used part of the kitchen, installing something slick should be on your budget list when updating it. Faucets will make your kitchen a modern and classy taste.

Paint the walls 

If you are using painted kitchen cabinets and your walls are dull, it is time to update your kitchen by painting them to blend with the cabinets, flooring, backsplash, and appliances. You can go ahead and create floating shelves with potted herbs to enhance the wall painting to give it a natural vibrancy. 

Add wallpapers or murals

Paining the whole kitchen may be an expensive project. The kitchen set up for update can be fitted with creative wallpapers and murals to cover certain sections. When choosing to use wallpapers, it is important to consider the blend when using painted kitchen cabinets. Selection of color combination is key lest you bombard the eyes with unmatched colors.

You can consider these creative ideas when looking forward to updating your kitchen with ease. Alternatively, you can get inspired with Kitchenate’s kitchen design ideas and bring your vision to life.


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