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5 Tips When Growing Sentinel Peach Tree

The sentinel peach tree or Prunus Persica is considered a very adaptable fruit tree. So if you’re looking for something new to plant in your garden at home, this could be an excellent choice.

Basic Facts About the Sentinel Peach Tree

A 4-year-old sentinel peach tree will already begin to bear large crops. These reach their peak productivity at 12 years. Keep in mind that peaches require an environment with warm weather during their growing phase. These are not equipped to tolerate late frost or extremely cold weather.

This peach variety has a height of about 15 ft. To 30 ft. It’s high maintenance but it will be worth it as it produces one of the most beautiful foliage and fragrant pink flowers. It blooms from mid-Spring to mid-Spring and it grows well on soil that has some clay in it or mostly sandy.

What Experts Have To Say

According to Larry Stein, co-author of the new Texas Peach Handbook, one of the top issues with growing fruit trees in your backyard is that these are magnets for insects and pests. However, it was also mentioned in the book that growing about 10 fruit trees in your backyard can be a lot to handle, so it is best to start with only one, and a peach tree would be a good choice. Here are other tips you should take note of when growing a sentinel peach tree:

Add phosphorus to provide good root development

This is a good tip if your peach tree is still young. Try shopping for fertilizers that have a good amount of phosphorus in them. You can see “P” in the bag. Directly apply this per the instructions on the label.

Take a soil test to know the existing nutrient levels

A soil test is a good technique to know the existing nutrient levels. If one or two of the nutrients are low, then this will allow you to choose the right kind of fertilizer. Fertilizers that have high amounts of nitrogen promote a greener and more leafy growth. Just make sure that you avoid fertilizing late in the growing season.

Make sure that it is exposed to the sun for 6 hours or more every day

With peach trees, these should be exposed to the sun for at least 6 hours every day. You can map the sun and shade throughout the day to help you estimate the lighting condition.

Don’t forget to prune

Pruning involves pinching, shearing, and thinning. Pinching helps promote branching; shearing is the leveling of the shrub surface; and thinning is the process of removing diseased wood.

Spray the plant with dormant oil

Make sure the soil is moist and well-drained. It’s best to provide at least 1 inch of moisture to prevent it from drying out. However, moisture attracts pests. You can spray the plant with dormant oil to kill off any insects and eggs that are taking advantage of your peach tree.

If you want to start planting fruit trees, then a peach tree is a great choice for novices. These are the easiest thing to grow and they are also self-pollinating.

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