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5-Room HDB Renovation Packages & Interior Design Ideas | Making the Best of Your Space


HDB homes are the most widespread and well-liked type of lodging in Singapore. There is significantly more room to work within a 5-room Resale HDB than in a 3- or 4-room HDB. Larger households with more than five family members can readily fit there. The Housing & Development authority estimates that a typical 5 room HDB renovation package will give the residents 110 square meters of space.


Whether you are renovating a 5-room HDB BTO or resale property, hiring an interior design firm like Zenith Arc which comes with a lot of advantages. Like what? Interior designers have expertise in the area and they have different packages according to the needs of the customers, that may be more cost-effective in the long run.


Listed below is some of the greatest advice to help you get the most out of the interior design of a 5-room HDB flat.


Establish Dedicated Spaces

The open idea has been well-liked for a long time and appears to be staying strong. Because it expands your living space, it is prevalent. One of the best 5-room HDB design ideas is this one since one can utilize the extra space for distinct areas that may be used for various hobbies, including relaxing, working out, meditating, or other of your greatest joys.


Change the layout of your home

By tearing down walls and repurposing areas, you can shake things up. You can partially or completely cut down the wall separating one of your extra rooms to create a walk-in closet or vanity area. Because of the larger master bedroom and attached walk-in wardrobe created by this, your interior will appear bigger and far less cluttered.


Add Depth Elements

Using numerous visual layers is one method to solve this problem. To create visual depth, layering is a common interior design technique in which you place items of furniture or decor of various sizes and materials on top of one another. Consider creating a distinction between each aspect as an effective way to achieve this.


Do not Use Dark Colors

Dark colors may be tricky to use in any home design style and are only for some, as you may already be aware. Darker colors tend to make an interior room appear smaller, especially if you have no experience with interior design.

Overall, the interior design of an HDB BTO 5-room offers a lot wider space for work. However, you must carefully weigh your options before you end up in a sticky scenario.

Keep in mind that you’re still designing a small room, no matter how big your apartment is. It is, therefore, best to make the most of your vertical space.

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