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5 Most Expensive places to Buy Property in Peru

When it comes to Peru, there’s no city where you’ll find more expensive or even more affordable housing than Lima. It’s the country’s industrial and commercial centre, where you’ll find property prices varying rapidly per district. The city’s a cultural hub, but when it comes to places to live, the spots in this list are among the most expensive – and therefore among the least recommended. Peru is an expensive country, so let’s see just how expensive it can get with these five properties in its capital.

  1. Surco

Also sometimes known as Santiago de Surco, this district in Peru’s capital of Lima is known to be one of the most beautiful areas to live in all of the city. This beauty, along with the area’s status as an upscale neighbourhood are both what contribute to its rather high property pricing. Regardless of this, it’s still the cheapest district on the list, with an average pricing of 6,965 Sol (£1,400) per square metre.

  1. San Borja

Another expensive city in the Lima province of Peru, this district earns the number 4 spot on the list for its similar status as an upscale neighbourhood with a high average pricing for its many properties. The average price for purchasing any sort of housing in this area is typically around 7,102 Sol (£1,425) per square metre. Prices will only continue to go up from here, highlighting just how expensive a country Peru has become over the decades.

  1. San Isidro

Having been officially established in the 1930s, San Isidro is one of the oldest and most upscale districts in all of Peru’s Lima province. It hosts many of the city’s ancient ruins, as well as a large number of embassies, contributing to its high pricing of property. The average pricing for property here is typically rounded at about 7,132 Sol (£1,430) per square metre. Not too much more expensive than San Borja, but certainly much cheaper than the next area on the list.

  1. Miraflores

This district, Miraflores, is by far one of the most renowned and well-known residential districts in all of Peru, let alone Lima. This of course means that it’s as expensive a place as it is recognised. It’s rather exclusive in terms of its primary residents, and also seconds as a famed shopping district, so if you think you can afford to spend money here on the averaged-out property pricing of 7,433 Sol (£1,491) per square metre, then don’t hesitate. It’s a far cheaper option, at least, than the number 1 option…

  1. Barranco

The number one most expensive option on the list happens to be Lima’s most expensive, most romantic and most famously bohemian district, hosting a large residential populous of musicians, film producers, artists and acclaimed designers! The average price for property here is the highest you’ll find anywhere in Peru, averaging out at about 7,705 Sol (£1,545) per square metre. It’s the priciest, but if you think you can afford one of the most exclusive and expensive residential areas in the country, then you’ll be glad to find yourself surrounded by some of Peru’s finest artists!

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