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5 Benefits of Metal Residential Roofs


Over the last decade, metal roofing has become one of the fastest-growing home improvement segments. Metal has long been considered the gold standard for commercial roofing, and now manufacturers offer elegant versions designed for residential use. Beautiful metal roofs are easy to install and give homeowners a variety of design options. Materials maintain their beauty for decades with minimal care. Metal roofs are also sustainable and energy efficient.

Suppliers Offer a Wide Range of Options

Homeowners who need to add a roof to new construction or replace existing materials typically consult a contractor. When hiring contractors, many customers select one who specializes in metal roofing. Style and curb appeal are significant factors for most homeowners, and metal roofing experts can recommend products that match every architectural style and taste.

Today’s metal roofing bears little resemblance to the shiny, bland materials traditionally used on commercial buildings. Residential contractors offer clients as many as 100 different color options as well as a choice of interlocking metal shingles or vertical metal panels. Homeowners can choose products with concealed fasteners that create stunning, watertight roofs.

Installation Is Quick and Simple

Compared to other materials, metal roofing is exceptionally lightweight. That is one factor that makes it easy to install. Roofs also come in panels and shingles that are bigger than conventional materials and are installed several feet apart. There are fewer parts for technicians to deal with, and they can position metal elements faster than other materials. A quicker installation reduces the disruptions to homeowners’ lives and can decrease labor costs.

Metal Roofs Last for Decades

One of the first qualities that customers usually look at when considering roofing materials is the material’s lifespan. No one wants a roof that will have to be replaced several times over the years. Metal roofs solve that problem. They are exceptionally durable and can last for decades without losing their beauty. Roofing systems stand up to harsh weather extremes and are fire-resistant.

Metal roofs are typically the last roofs that customers ever need to have installed. The typical life expectancy is 50 years with proper care. Manufacturers also provide warranties that protect buyers against material defects.

Roofing Is Energy Efficient

Metal roofs help make homes more energy efficient. During the manufacturing process, metal is coated with reflective pigment that helps lower cooling bills. Granular-coated or pre-painted roofing systems reflect solar energy. They cool homes by reflecting most solar energy rather than absorbing it. Metal systems can reduce home energy costs as much as 40%.

Sustainable Metal Roofs Are Planet-Friendly

The fact that metal roofs lower energy consumption also makes them Earth-friendly because reduced energy use helps conserve valuable natural resources. Environmentally conscious homeowners also select metal systems because they are made using 25% to 95% recycled materials, and a metal roof is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

Millions of homeowners now choose metal roofs instead of traditional materials like asphalt or tile. Metal systems offer a vast range of design choices and are beautiful, so they increase curb appeal. They are quicker and easier to install than many other materials. Metal is a sustainable material and an energy-efficient choice that helps minimize utility bills.


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