What Businesses Should Know About SPF Lumber

A lot of materials are used to frame and build new construction projects. Usually, SPF is the material used in these projects. Spec Wood spf low grade lumber is used to frame walls, ceilings, floors, and roofs as well as to make wooden pallets. For any project, a good dimensional lumber supply is a must. Thus, it is important to stock different SPF sizes. 

Properties of SPF

SPF produces high-grade timber with small, tight knots. This white wood has very little colour variations between summerwood and springwood. It comes with a bright, clean look, which ranges in colour from pale yellow to white. Also, it has a smooth texture and a fine straight grain. 

SPF has dimensional stability and superior gluing properties. Because of this, they are a famous material of choice in the prefabrication industry. Aside from its ability to paint easily, SPF holds nails well. 

Uses of SPF

SPF or spruce-pine-fir is composed of three softwoods that are strong enough to support big amounts of weight. This dimensional lumber has many uses such as in framing work. SPF is often found in roof and wall frames, floor joists, roof trusses, and beams. Due to the softness of the wood, its uniform cuts, and rough aesthetic quality, it’s not usually utilised for furniture, finishing work, or cabinetry. When finished with wood treatments such as stains, it can look different. 

In addition, SPF is often used for pallets and packaging. When it is finished properly, some SPF grades are desirable and suitable for exterior finishing and decking. 

SPF Grades

SPF lumber in Canada is graded based on the National Grades Authority’s rules.  #2 SPF is a grade for dimensional lumber and framing. It is used in commercial and residential construction, together with stud-grade lumber and #3 SPF. The majority of manufacturing projects use these lumber grades. SPF MSR lumber is utilised for structural engineering such as trusses.

All SPF lumber grades are quite easy to work with and lightweight. Those who want to buy the best SPF lumber selection should find a reputable supplier. The supplier should have professionals who can help make their customers’ projects successful. 

Easter vs Wester Species of SPF Lumber

Western SPF lumber species are derived from Engelmann spruce, White spruce, Alpine fir trees, and Lodgepole pine. They come in bigger sizes due to the logs’ size and the general climate. Meanwhile, Easter species come from Red spruce, Black spruce, Jack pine, White spruce, and Balsam fir trees. They grow slower and yield wood that has superior strength properties. 

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